Day 14

Basil Seedlings

Basil Seedlings

Aaaah the smell of Basil! I planted some basil seeds just before the festive season and the seedlings are coming on great. There recently was a promotion  where you could claim a free pack of seeds with every loaf of bread you bought – “Grow Your Own Sandwich” it was called. We most certainly took advantage of this and got some basil, chives, spring onions and parsley seeds. All the seedlings are just in pots on our porch – I wish we had a vegetable garden where we could plant all these herbs and other vegetables…. one day when we own our own house!

I love herbs, and cooking with fresh herbs is just great! The flavours are just amazing. So now we just wait until these are a bit bigger and ready to use, although I’m sure all this sunshine will definitely give their growth a bit of a boost!


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