Day 18

Planning in the Sun

Planning in the Sun

Today was another jam-packed wedding planning day!

It started off with my make up trial which I had earlier this afternoon. I am really pleased with how the make up turned out, and the fiancée also gave it the tick of approval 🙂 Every time he sees me he says “You should wear make up like this more often!”. Can you tell that I don’t usually go all out with my make up?!

We then headed into the city and FINALLY found the paper I need for my menus and table place cards at a little shop called the Craft House – I am so so so pleased with this, as I was starting to worry that I would never find it! Now I have to just get onto designing it all so that I can print it and get it all done. The more I can tick off the “To Do” list, the better.

My flower girls shoes arrived, so picked them up from the store and they are so cute! Can’t wait to see the little girls all dressed up 🙂

When we got home, we parked ourselves outside in the sun with a glass of bubbly (absolute bliss) and started compiling a list of all the photographs that we want taken at the wedding. And boy are there lots of photographs we need taken! We better start practicing now for all the photos, as I am sure we are going to have sore cheeks by the end of our wedding day!!

So after a successful day – my day was spoilt by an email I received from the place where I am getting my dress from: “Just to let you know the final cost for alterations on your dress, including taking in and shortening the hem comes to $523.25. You can pay this by bank transfer or when you come for your next fitting. Just let me know if you want to do a bank transfer and I will email you the account details.” Ummm WHAT???!!! I was told that it would only be about $200!!! So to say that I am not impressed, is an understatement!!! As if planning a wedding and budgeting for it wasn’t stressful enough, I now have to deal with an account that is far beyond what we budgeted for. Oh dear, give me strength to get through the next 5 weeks! I can definitely see why people need a honeymoon after the wedding!!!

Nicole x




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