Day 25

Curls and more curls

Curls and more curls

Another busy day filled with wedding preparations!

Early this morning it was off to the hairdresser – firstly I had my hair cut and coloured, and then I had my hair trial for the wedding 🙂 Decided to put a mix of dark and light foils in my hair, and I think the end result looks great. Yay for wonderful hairdressers!! The hair trial also went down well (sorry no peak previews of the final result!). There are a few things I want tweaked for the big day, and I guess that’s the whole reason why you do trials is to figure out what works, what you like and then ultimately decide on how you want it to look on the day. So I would totally recommend doing a trial before the big day! It also provided some nice sister bonding time, as my sister came along too 🙂

Following the hairdressers we went and had a look for bridesmaid shoes and finally SUCCESS!! The shoes are white and I was desperately trying to find some yellow shoes. But its getting far to close to the wedding and not having their shoes sorted is starting to stress me out, so I had to settle on white and will just have to try colour the shoes yellow. I have already got the dye, and going to give them a try later – lets hope they come out ok!

After a successful morning/ early afternoon – it was time for the dress fitting! And I LOVE MY DRESS!! The hair looked great with my veil, and I think it looked really nice with the dress. I am SO pleased about the overall look!! We also tried on several pieces of jewellery and settled on my future mum-in-law’s diamond and gold earrings, and a gold and diamond necklace that my grandfather (whom passed away late last year and was one of my heroes) gave to my grandmother many many many moons ago. So it will be really special to wear that!

The only unfortunate thing about the dress is…. Remember that shocking bill of $523.25 that I got for my alterations…???!! Well you won’t believe it but they have made a mess up of the hem.. The underlining layers are all longer than the top layer!!! GRRRR! They charge a ridiculous amount for the alterations, and then they couldn’t even get a simple thing like the hem right. I now have to go back next week to get it all sorted – I almost feel like just taking my dress (without paying for the alterations) and telling them that I will take it elsewhere! Not a good look for this store – especially as I am still far from impressed with the whole situation in the first place, and word of mouth is powerful!

And after a busy day – my wonderful fiancé made us cream cheese & spinach stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon, with veggies.  Ummmm DELICIOUS!!! I think I will keep him 😛

Nicole x




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