Day 26

Dyeing shoes

Dyeing shoes

Today has been mostly frustrating.. Nothing seems to be working out. Weddings are stressful. Fullstop.

Attempted to dye the white bridesmaid shoes yellow.. Well this is how they have turned out. Not quite the yellow I wanted, looks more like cream *sigh*. My sister thinks they look ok, but me? Not so convinced! This is where the perfectionist in me lets me down! And this was the second attempt, after we drove back to the store and got a different dye to try.

Also tried to create an account where guests could upload their photos online after the wedding. But mmmm not so easy. Back to the drawing board for that one too!

Its raining and miserable outside and I’m just feeling “meh” – maybe I should go for a nap and see if that cheers me up.

Nicole x

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