Day 27

Watering the flowers

Watering the flowers

Aren’t these cute?? These mini stainless steel watering cans are one of the features on our guest table centrepieces. I love how they fit our natural, rustic theme!

Last night we set up the décor for the main table, including the copper fairy lights – it looked beautiful. Lets hope it will all look magical on the day 🙂

We have also now completed the image of the tree with our names for the “Leaf your print”, and we have started creating the I-spy cards. Slowly but surely we are getting through our to-do list. It’s getting so close!

Oh and I don’t think I have mentioned this yet but we chose our wedding song – “Only You Can Love Me This Way” by Keith Urban. And we have been practicing our dance every night while playing the song. It has been so fun! The fiancé, who said he wasn’t a good dancer, is actually really good! Just shows you, that you never stop learning new things about each other 🙂

Nicole x


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