Day 29


Well no one ever said weddings were cheap, and boy were they right! From the start we never wanted to spend a heap of money on the wedding, we thought it would be more sensible to put the money towards a house deposit or some more travelling… but even with that in mind we have had to spend a lot more than we first thought we would. But we know that the money will be well spent and that we will have an awesome day 🙂

Only a few more weeks of spending heaps of money, and then we can get back on track with our house savings! I think we are both looking forward to that!

I went for my first spray tan today…. Eeek!! I’m nervous to see what I will look like in the morning once the colour has developed. I’ve always been a bit sceptical as I don’t want to look orange on my wedding day, so tomorrow will reveal the outcome and then I’ll decide if I am going to do it for the wedding or not. All I’m hoping for is a bit more colour so that I am not pasty white! **fingers crossed**

Nicole x


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