Day 30

Home Bound Traffic

Home Bound Traffic

Trains and cars.. everyone heading home after a day at work!

We were going the opposite way to the all the traffic as we were heading into the city rather than out of it. We went to pick up a 6 pane glass window which we are going to use for our table seating arrangement display 🙂

I am so pleased that we have been so productive!! We are getting so much done every day and constantly ticking off items on the to do list. Yes! We are winning!

One more day before it’s weekend, yay! We have lots planned for the weekend – even non-wedding things!! Which will make for a change 🙂 We are having dinner out tomorrow night with my cousin and her fiancé, which I am really looking forward to, and then we are heading to a BBQ on Saturday with some other friends 🙂 Should be a good weekend!

Nicole x



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