Day 31

White Hydrangeas

White Hydrangeas

These are in full bloom in our front courtyard.. and aren’t they beautiful? I just love how pure and soft they look.

Yay it is Friday, which means weekend!! We were meant to go out for dinner with my cousin and her fiancé tonight, but her fiancée is sick and so it has been postponed. Bummer, we were looking forward to it! So instead my fiancé is busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. All I can smell is cooking pork sausages… mmmmm…. and he is making loads of veggies to go with it. Yum! We both love our veggies, and need to have them with pretty much all our meals 🙂

Tomorrow will be another busy day. I have another dress fitting tomorrow morning, which I pray and hope goes well as I am really fed up with all the issues I have been having with the dress place & the alterations. We need to pick up some large glass drink dispensers which I bought yesterday, and we have a few other wedding errands to do. And then its off to a BBQ in the afternoon – hopefully its a beautiful summer’s day tomorrow!

Have an awesome weekend 🙂

Nicole x


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