Day 32

Perfect Baby Feet

Perfect Baby Feet

What is it about baby feet? They are always so cute and perfect!

These cute feet belong to our friends baby – Amiria 🙂 For those of you who don’t know… I absolutely adore babies! And so of course I was in my element today getting cuddles from this cutie!!

We had a BBQ with friends this afternoon and it was just wonderful! We had loads of  yummy food, good company and SUN – what more could we ask for?! It was such a nice break from all of this wedding stuff which is rather stressful at times.

In terms of wedding stuff, we got a fair bit done today. Had another dress fitting, bought the cupcake wrappers and activity packs to keep the little ones busy at the wedding during all the boring formalities, and we printed things such as the I-spy, menus and our leaf the print image 🙂 ….yes continuing to tick things of the list! I guess that means we are still winning!

Nicole x


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