Day 39

Reading with her Daddy

Reading with her Daddy

What an awesome day we’ve had 🙂 We were very productive with regards to ticking off items on the wedding “to do” list – we got the fiancé’s shoes, silk for his tie (we couldn’t find anything we liked, so we bought our own material and we are getting the tie made instead! The fiancé is very excited about this!), we printed our “leaf your print” image and got the frame for it all sorted, and we printed off all the “I-spy” cards. So very productive as you can see!!!

We then ended the day having dinner with our friends and playing card games! It was such a lovely and enjoyable evening 🙂 We also got to play with their adorable little girl! She just melts your heart from cute-ness!!! The picture above is one of her dad reading her a story before bedtime. It’s so adorable how she listens to the story and turns the book’s pages!

Nicole x

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