Day 40

And they call this Summer?

And they call this Summer?

And so apparently it is suppose to be summer here… Mmm not really convinced with all this miserable weather we have been having! My calm, beautiful, blue watered view is now a dull, grey/ brown watery mess! I don’t know what is up with our weather at the moment, normally by February the weather has settled and we get lots of good sunny days, but this year – well its been a mixed bag. I just pray and hope that the weather settles in time for our wedding and that we can have a beautiful summer’s day. Otherwise we’ll be heading to the shops for gumboots and umbrellas!!!!

With the weather being so average, we have just had a quiet lazy day at home. I did manage to do a few more wedding things though. We paid the bill for our flowers and for the church hire, got in touch with the photobooth guy, emailed the photographer and the car hire company, I finished putting twine around the menus and “I-spy” cards, and I have started designing the wedding ceremony programme! After today, I only have one weekend left to sort out wedding stuff before our big day 🙂 Wow time flies!

Nicole x


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