Day 47

Name tags & favours

Name tags & favours

Wow what a jam packed day full of wedding preparations!! I guess that is to be expected when there are only 6 days left!

these will each have a flower in them on the day, and will serve as both our name tags and our guest favours. I think they are going to look really cute!!! We also packed all the bottles in their “table boxes” along with the menus and any kids activity packs needed for the individual tables.

And the list keeps going….. We  painted the frame of the 6-pane glass window that we are going to use to display our seating arrangement, we put in all the batteries for our little fairy lights that we are going to have on the tables, we started putting the twine around the glass jars that will be scattered around the room with candles in them, and we unpacked all the juice bottles (for drinks after the ceremony) into large plastic containers which we are going to fill with ice on the day…… it keeps going……

And the basket I took a photo of yesterday – well today I decorated it!

Phew, its tiring even just writing out everything we have done! I think we can definitely call today a productive day!! Many many items were ticked off the “to-do list” today. Yes winning!!! 😀

Oh and I almost forgot – the fiancé sorted out the play list for all the music we will need for both the ceremony and the reception.

I think this whole week is going to be pretty busy! Especially with all the guests starting to arrive from Tuesday and then the bridal shower and stag do on Wednesday – eeeek so many exciting things lying ahead!!

Nicole x


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