Day 50

Oupa helping out

Oupa helping out

Today has been jam packed with activities!!!

This is my 80 year old oupa on the floor tying twine around all the jars for the wedding!! The boys wanted a job and this is what they got hehe!

The ladies in the house started baking the wedding cake, and they ran around getting stuff for my bridal shower. Lots of little odd jobs were also done 🙂

I did the table seating arrangement display – it is a 6-pane glass window, and I wrote all the names on the glass. I am REALLY pleased with how it came out, it looks great! We also decided not to use table numbers and instead named the tables after all the streets we stayed in during our years of courtship! Leith street (our hall of residence at our first year of university), Heriot Row (where the fiancĂ© flatted for 2 years), Harbour Terrace (where I flatted for a year), Park Street (where the fiancĂ© flatted for the last year of university), St David Street (where I flatted for the last 2 years of university) and then lastly The Esplanade (where we live now).

And then it was also the night of my Bridal Shower!!!! It was such a wonderful night. I was dressed as a fairy and the rest of the girls were dressed as 1950s housewives!! We played lots of fun games – musical chairs, making wedding dresses out of toilet paper, Pictionary with eyes closed, a quiz on how well the fiancĂ© and I know each other and when I blew my whistle everyone had to pose in the position of the toy soldier they were given at the start of the night. I also had to carry a teddy bear (dressed in a wedding dress) all night!

After we got home I opened up presents with my family and we had a tonne of fun photos taken!

Nicole x


3 thoughts on “Day 50

  1. Good luck and best wishes for your wedding day tomorrow! I hope you have some time to take in the wonderful-ness of it all, and the day doesn’t go by too quickly. x

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