Day 51

Date Night Ideas

Date Night Ideas

Only a few more days until the wedding. Things have been pretty crazy around here with lots of last minute “to-do’s”. I also had all my beauty treatments – waxing, eye brows shaped, eye lashes tinted and I had my pedicure. Was nice having all these treatments!!

We had a little bit of a disaster today with the fiance almost having a meltdown! We have been waiting to hear back from the tie-makers on when we could go and pick up the fiance’s tie – today we still hadn’t heard anything so I decided to ring them up, only to find out that they could not locate the tie!!!! GRRRR!!! Turns out they thought the tie was only due next week and therefore hadn’t made it. So say that the fiance was NOT impressed is an understatement!! Now he has to run around and try find a new one!

I didn’t have much time today to take photos – so all I managed was a photo of these colorful sticks. Each of these sticks has a “date night idea” which all of the girls from my bridal shower wrote. There are some pretty cool ideas!! And of course my mum’s one was “make grandchildren!”. No pressure haha!

Nicole x


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