Day 53

Flowers for my hair

Flowers for my hair

And today I became a MRS!!! It was the most amazing day EVER and I could not have asked for anything more. It was so special! I  married the love of my life and my best friend 😀 And then got to celebrate it with all the amazing people in our lives. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made the day so wonderful!!

Sorry folks, but this is the only photo I took – these were some of the flowers that went in my hair. I might have to do a special dedicated post with some more photos from the wedding 🙂

Nicole x


6 thoughts on “Day 53

    • Thank you!! 🙂 It really was a perfect day with not a single hitch 🙂 I am so pleased at how well the day went! Even my dad said he was impressed with all my planning and how well it all went, and the best part was everyone seemed to have enjoyed the day just as much as we did. Admittedly it has been a stressful few weeks and many many hours of planning and preparation – but absolutely worth it!! x

      • Yes I have all this to look forward to…if only we could find a venue! Way too many to choose from.
        That’s great everyone else had a great time too, makes all the stress and planning worth it. x

      • Yes it was proving quite difficult. I think because I had all these visions in my mind of what I would like, and each venue had bits and pieces of that vision but none with everything! In the end we did choose one based on our theme…I am sure we will have a great time. x

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