Day 59

Tulum - Mayan Ruins

Tulum – Mayan Ruins

We had a very very busy day today but absolutely loved it!!

Our first stop was Tulum – here we had a guided tour and then we got to explore the mayan ruins. It was very interesting hearing about the history of the Mayans. We also got to see some precious stones that they used and we learnt how their mathematical system worked. All I can say is that it is scary how much knowledge these people had!!

On our way out we got “ambushed” by a local to have a photo taken with his spider monkey called “Pinky”. The hubby absolutely loved this – and in all the photos, all you can see is this huuuuge smile!!!

Our second stop was at a water park called Xel-Ha (pronounced “Shell” Ha). This place was incredible!!! There was everything from dolphins to macaws, to iguanas, to stingrays and we saw a huge baracuda! The name f the park means “where water is born”. It pretty much is where the river enters the Caribbean Sea – and you snorkel all the way down the river towards the sea. So it is pretty much a “natural aquarium”.  The park is also “all you can eat and drink” so all food and drinks are included in the admission price. This place is definitely geared up for tourism and the way it is run is great. All towels and snorkel gears are provided, so no need to worry about bringing that along. And there are free lockers available so you don’t have to worry about cameras and bags either. We were very impressed!!

Nicole x

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