Day 64

Cocktails & Chess

Cocktails & Chess

Another day lazing around drinking cocktails… Except today the hubby also taught me how to play chess!! He has tried several times in the past but it was not something I really got into. I always found it far to complicated and never really put my mind to it. But today I did and now I can finally say that I know how to play chess!!! Of course the hubby won, but I did put up a fight!

We spent another decent chunk of time watching the dolphins, I am in love! They are so incredible πŸ™‚ It is quite expensive to swim with them, but maybe I’ll still get to do it before we go home.

Dinner was at a seafood restaurant called Oceana, and our table was right next to the dolphinarium. Do you know how incredible it is to enjoy a meal and see dolphins pop up every now and then?! Can’t say I have ever done that before!!

The resort also put up a Mardis Gras party – we joined in and watched the spectacular fire and water show on the beach. Its crazy what the performers can do!

Overall another good day πŸ™‚ Aaah I love being married!

Nicole x


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