Day 65

Pelican in the Marina

Pelican in the Marina

I am actually embarrassed to say this – but some how we managed to sleep in until after 11am!!! How this happened I don’t quite know as we did not even go to bed late. I think all the sun just drains you though!

Following the late start, we went and had “brunch” and then went for a stroll along the Marina. Wow, some people have far too much money!! On our journey we came across this bird – kind of looks like a pelican but I don’t know if it is? You can only just see it in this photo but the fish swimming underneath it were gigantic!! Never before in my life have I seen such big fish just swimming casually among the boats in a marina. Of course we also saw more dolphins, and this time we also saw a sea lion. I am still on my quest to see a manatee!

We headed back to the resort where we enjoyed more cocktails, played around in the pool and challenged each other to a few more games of chess 🙂

We are already showered, and enjoyed a snack (the room service is part of the all  inclusive!!!) and now we are just relaxing in our room until dinner time. Another restaurant to try out, and I’m sure another evening of good food!

Nicole x


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