Day 66

We named him Olifant

We named him Olifant

Look who greeted us on our bed when we got back from our morning activities! Isn’t he cute?! The housekeeper at this hotel is amazing – she has truly gone above and beyond! Every day we have come back to find a different animal on our bed. And the other day she even folded the clothes we left on the bed! Thanks Laetica, you are awesome! 🙂

Now what was this morning’s activity you ask…..? Well take a look….

Belly Ride

Belly Ride

My Big "Baby"

My Big “Baby”



Finishing the Belly Ride

Finishing the Belly Ride

Dancing with Charlie

Yes that is right!!! I had the experience of a lifetime and got  to swim with dolphins!! Firstly I got to kayak with the  two dolphins (Charlie & Lulu) swimming alongside me, and then I got into the water with them. I did the boogie board ride where the two dolphins pushed me with their noses on the soles of my feet!!! They lifted me right out of the water and it was incredible!! I also did the belly ride where I held onto the two pectoral fins and literally lay on the dolphin’s belly while it swam and brought me back to the shore! I then got to dance, kiss, be kissed by, and do the “sexy” pose with Charlie. I couldn’t stop smiling!!!! And thanks to the handsome hubby for being such an awesome photographer! 🙂

Not to forget – before the dolphins I got to meet two Manatees called Robert & Josinda. They were pretty cool too but of course the dolphins stole the show!

Today was our last full day in Mexico, and from lunchtime there was a thunderstorm and it was pouring with rain. So we cuddled on the bed and had an afternoon nap! I love being on holiday 🙂

We had our last dinner meal at Oceana, and again it was great 😉

Tomorrow we are off to Los Angeles and starting our trip home. Although we will be staying in LA for 2 nights, and we are going to Disneyland on Saturday – my first time! I am excited!

Nicole x


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