Day 67

Colourful Water Fountain

Colourful Water Fountain

Today all the travelling started! We left Cancun, Mexico and flew to Los Angeles. We were pretty exhausted when we got there, and then did the 1 hour drive to our hotel in Anaheim. Our hotel was literally right opposite Disneyland, and now we are super exited for tomorrow!! This beautiful water fountain is a feature in the garden by the hotel.

We went for a small walk down the road, and got some dinner. The hubby wanted to have McDonalds just so that he could see how big the large portions were compared to our usual large in NZ. It was so funny when we were at the counter and he ordered his meal, he said “I’ll have it as large as it can get!”. He was pretty impressed at how big the large portion of fries was!

After dinner we headed to bed. We needed our beauty sleep for Disneyland 🙂

Nicole x

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