Day 69



So today was our last day in Los Angeles before doing the loooong 14+ hour flight to Sydney.

We initially wanted to go to Hollywood, but realistically this just was not going to work with us being on the other side of LA and having to be back at the hotel at 5.30pm to be picked up and taken to the airport. So instead we went to a local mall and had a browse around. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed and expected a lot more.

We went back to Downtown Disney to have lunch – we had it at this little place in the middle of the busy crowds and it was delicious! We had this flatbread that was full of pork and feta cheese (mmmm yum!) and pita breads with a selection of Mediterranean dips. We were very satisfied! And this was by far our favourite meal while being in America, we truly had had enough of fast food burgers and fries!!

While we were in Downtown Disney, we also went to “Build a Bear” where I officially made my first teddy bear!!! It was so much fun!! I chose a gorgeous little chocolate swirl Bunny. It is so cute! I loved the “heart ceremony” – where you choose your bunny’s heart and then you have to warm the heart, tap it so it is always beating, rub it over your tummy so that it never goes hungry, rub it on your side so that it always stays by your side, hold it close to your heart and make a wish, and then kiss it so that your wish comes true. It was such a neat thing to do!!!

After a busy day with lots of walking around we were exhausted and very much ready to come home!

Nicole x


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