Day 77 *warning graphic*



While we were on honeymoon we decided that we would have “technology free” Tuesday evenings. Today was suppose to be our first one instead it ended up like this….

I asked the hubby to please cut the pumpkin for me. He got  the whole knife stuck in the pumpkin and I said to him “please don’t cut yourself”…! Well, my words were hardly out of my mouth when I hear “ARGGGGGGHHH!!! I’ve cut myself!!!”. I turned around and said “you are joking right?!”. Well not so much – the blood was pouring out and he had a huge gash in his hand. Off to the emergency department for us! 3 hours later and a stitched up hand, we got home. I finished dinner and then it was off to bed for us. Man, what a night!

Let’s hope the next “technology free night” is less eventful!

Nicole x


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