Day 81

Saturday Washing

Saturday Washing

In our house, Saturday is washing day. With both of us working fulltime during the week, Saturday tends to be the day that I catch up on washing and cleaning the house. Sometimes it feels like a never ending battle, and I don’t even have kids yet!!! I wasn’t much in the mood for cleaning today, and I thought wouldn’t it be nice to invest in a maid  to do all my cleaning! Yeah right! That will be something I can just keep dreaming about 🙂

We also went and had a drive around to look at neighbourhoods. We would like to buy our first house sometime in the near future (once we have replenished the funds following the wedding!) so we thought we would go have a scout around. We did find a few nice areas, but of course the house prices there are ridiculously high! It is pretty depressing really – we both earn a good salary, yet we cannot afford to buy a house in a semi-decent place. It would be different if we could live in a smaller town far from the city where housing is A LOT more affordable, and you get A LOT more for your money – but with the hubby needing to be in the city for work, the only way this would work was if we commuted every day and this is not something I am overly keen about. Hopefully something in the right place comes up at the right time.

Nicole x

3 thoughts on “Day 81

  1. Your Saturday sounds just like mine!
    House hunting can be quite depressing. I remember when I went looking for a house to buy it was so tempting to blow out the budget, especially when you view some really nice houses. I resigned myself to a house that needed some work and was a little cheaper; but in saying that, in some suburbs even those are pricey! Good luck though, it is wonderful owning your own home. x 🙂

    • Yea it is so depressing! I don’t mind getting a house that we can do up, but even those in the decent suburbs are expensive! Will just have to keep an open mind and see what comes up. We would love to own our own house though 🙂 x

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