Day 82



Today I got around to planting the rose my dad gave to us during his speech at the wedding. His speech really was a highlight!

He explained to us how marriage and life can be represented by the rose. Just like the rose, life has thorns in it and if you touch it the wrong way you will get pricked but if you handle it gently you won’t. If you nurture the plant, you will end up with a nice rose, if you don’t it will die.

He also gave us a bag of “blood & bone” plant fertiliser and explained to us that while we nurture the rose ,sometimes it will feel like we are sweating blood – but that all the blood that we sweat will only make the rose grow better. He also said that we will have to work to the bone to get things right as they don’t come easy. Throughout our lives it will feel like we are sweating blood and working to the bone, but in the end we will get the rose that we want.

It was a very special speech!! I love my dad!! 🙂

Today was a beautiful day here in the Windy City, so we went and got a few things for lunch from the supermarket and then went and enjoyed that on the parliament grounds. It was a nice afternoon out in the sun, and we had NO wind!

The rest of the day has been a lazy one – getting ready for the week ahead.

Nicole x


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