Day 84

Daily Reading

Daily Reading

So today was our 2nd attempt at our technology free night – and I am pleased to say it was uneventful, unlike last week’s trip to the emergency department!

It was REALLY REALLY nice to come home and not jump straight onto our laptops. Instead the hubby cooked us dinner, and I helped out too 🙂 We had more in-depth conversations about our day and other general stuff as well, and then we hopped into bed and read (which is something I just about never do as I “never have time”) and we opted for an early night 🙂 It was just great!!

I am starting to read this daily reading (my picture above) and I am really enjoying it. My gran accidently left it behind when she was visiting. When I spoke to her on the phone and told her – she said that this was my grampa’s book. Wow that makes it a million times cooler!!! I was very close to my grampa and he passed away late last year, so this makes it so special. Now every time I open the book, I think about him and I know that he also read those pages. God works in mysterious ways! Especially since I have been wanting a daily reading book for so long but I’ve just never got round to getting it. Pretty cool huh?!

Nicole x

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