Day 86



I have become slack at taking the camera with us when we go out. I used to be really good at doing that before we went on honeymoon, but ever since we’ve been back I have been SO slack! It is pretty frustrating as several times now I have missed great photo opportunities. I really need to get back into the habit!!

Tonight was a prime example of a missed opportunity as we went out to this amazing restaurant called “Bella Italia” for our date night, and the hubby got a folded stuffed pizza! This was unlike anything I have seen before and I so wish that I had brought my camera to capture the moment. Grrr, I need to remember to take the camera next time!!!

Instead today’s photo is pretty boring. Although the photo is boring, the dressing gown is pretty awesome! This was a wedding gift that we got from my uncle and aunt – we each got our own dressing gown with Mr and Mrs embroided on the back. I just love it!

But best of all – I LOVE being my hubby’s MRS!! 😀

Nicole x


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