Day 88

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake

I FINALLY got around to spring cleaning the house after all the wedding activities and finally the house now again feels like “ours”. It took long enough!

We had friends around for dinner, and it was great 🙂 Dinner was all Indian themed, so we had a platter of Indian goodies with dips for starters, and then had a Tikka Masala curry for our main, with home-made Roti (my friend made them and they were delicious). Dessert was a chocolate cake drenched in caramel with chocolate Flake sprinkled on top – yummy!

It was my friend’s birthday right before the wedding, and because we were so busy we never really got round to celebrating it or wishing her properly so I decided to bake her a cake! 🙂

I love evenings with great friends! 🙂

Nicole x


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