Day 103

Crazy Fish

Crazy Fish

I finally got around to cleaning the fish tank – the fish are happy!! I always love how crystal clear the water looks after I have cleaned it. I just wish it would stay that way for longer! These fish I got when I first started university and they were teeny tiny – obviously I am doing something right because 6 years later, they are now huuuuge and keep growing! I have upgraded their tank 3 times now already,  next upgrade is a fish pond haha.

We also went to look at an open home. Once again it was depressing… you really don’t get much for your money around this place! We are going to need to save a lot more money and probably going to have to get a bigger mortgage than what we would ideally like. *sigh*.

After the open home, we popped in to see my mother-in-law and enjoyed a cup of tea with her 🙂

Back to work tomorrow.. these weekends go by far too quickly!

Nicole x


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