Day 109

Tui Brewery

Tui Brewery

Today was awesome! Well besides getting woken up by loud little kids at 7 am! That is one thing I am not looking forward to about having my own kids, I love my sleep way too much!! Following our early morning wake up call, my brother-in-law made us pancakes for breakfast – yum! 🙂

After a morning of hanging out at home and playing a game of Monopoly Deal, we went to the Tui Brewery for a tour. The tour was pretty interesting and the boys enjoyed all the beers that came along with the tour package! We also got to have a play on the big “Yeah Right” tui billboard. The hubby made one that said “Keeping up with the gym now that I am married – Yeah Right!” and the brothers-in-law did “Yea, Na I have a headache – Yeah Right!” and “She aint as hot as you – Yeah Right!”. It was pretty funny! The best part though was just sitting outside in the SUN,  yes that bright yellow thing in the sky called the SUN, with awesome company and the yummiest hot chocolate 🙂

Nicole x


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