Day 110

Twins at the Park

Twins at the Park

Another beautiful day of sun – well some of the day at least. The weather has been so weird with literally 4 seasons in a day. About an hour after this photo was taken, the heavens opened and it poured down with rain!!

The morning started off with the little ones doing their Easter Egg Hunt – I enjoyed seeing how excited they were 🙂 We then enjoyed a yummy cooked breakfast of corn fritters, bacon, hashbrowns and baked beans – compliments of the men! To help with burning off some of the energy from all the consumed chocolate – we headed to the park. I had an absolute ball photographing everyone, and at the same time being outside and enjoying the sun.

My hubby is an identical twin, and his twin also came to his sister’s for Easter.  The two of them are really close, and I know that my hubby had been looking forward to catching up with his brother. Well these two had a royal time at the park playing together and carrying on like little kids! Their mum even said they are still the same compared to when they were little! 🙂 Well even if the little ones weren’t having fun at the park, their uncles sure were! 🙂

Following the park we enjoyed a delicious roast for lunch and apple crumble for dessert… mmmmm! And then we did the drive back at home. At least we still have tomorrow off work! 🙂

Nicole x


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