Day 112



Back to work after a looong weekend off. Mmm nothing has changed and it was crazy busy. I guess we will be playing catch up for the last 4 days off work! And with it only  being a 3 day week, it is going to be even crazier! *sigh*

Friends of ours had some sad news for us today and we are pretty heartbroken. We’ll be keeping them tightly in our prayers as they get through this difficult time. I don’t really want to share it on here as it is very personal to them, but we are thinking of them and always here if they need us 🙂 xx

On a more happy note, we have had more sun today, yay! Even though we haven’t really been able to enjoy it as by the time we get home the sun is starting to set. It still leaves you in a better mood!

Went to my 3rd session of yoga today – and I’m in love! I’ve bought a 10 visit concession ticket, so lets hope the enjoyment lasts! 🙂 Oh and it was technology-free night.. I really like these nights! After a nice hot shower (after yoga), I hopped into bed and got stuck into a new book. It is called “One Summer” by David Baldacci. Pretty sad! A father of a young family is dying from a rare illness and only has a few days to live when his wife is killed in a car accident.. that is as far as I have got. How tough would that be on the kids?!

Nicole x


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