Day 115

Fun at the Park

Fun at the Park

Public holiday today, and wow what an awesome day it was 🙂

Started off having the best sleep in ever! Did a bit of reading in bed (I’m addicted to my current book) before getting up and having a shower and getting ready for the day.

The rest of the morning I spent on a coffee date with my wonderful friend, and her cool little dude! We grabbed take-away coffee and headed to the park, and then also spent some time walking along the beach. I loved it!

The hubby and I headed to the mall just to have a browse, but instead it turned out to be a very successful shopping trip 🙂 The hubby finally got the Google Nexus phone that he has been wanting as an early birthday present, and I got several new tops and jumpers for my new job (as yay no more uniform!)

Once we got home we did a bit of cleaning and then got ready for our evening guests 🙂 We had friends come over for dinner and we had a lovely time! They also brought 2 freshly caught crayfish which they cooked here and everyone (except me as I’m not the biggest seafood fan) enjoyed them! I got my baby fix, as I got to have loads of cuddles with their gorgeous 6 month old little girl 🙂

Overall an awesome day spent with awesome people! Can’t we have three day weekends every week?!

Nicole x


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