Day 116

Thank You Cards

Thank You Cards

Well these cards have taken a while to get done! I only have 2 more to do and then I am officially completely done with all the wedding thank you cards! Hallelujah! The only wedding stuff left to do is make our wedding album and print off some photos to display around the house – I probably need to get onto that sooner rather than later, otherwise it will just never get done.

We also went to the SPCA today to have a look. They have moved to a new location, and I must say this new one is way better than their old one! I of course fell in love with this kitty…



He is about 6-7 years old and his name is Castiel (a bit weird huh?!). He was so soft and very friendly! If only the hubby would say yes…

They also had a cute dog called Boe, who also melted my heart! But we can’t even think about getting a dog until we are in our own house. A cat on the other hand though…. šŸ˜‰

The new SPCA is located close to the most amazing lookout looking over our city. The views were breath taking! I actually cannot believe that we have only just discovered this place today. I can see many a picnics happening there in the future summers to come!

To top off a nice day – the hubby made steak and chips for dinner. Yum yum yum! We splashed out on the steak and got a premium variety, well it was TOTALLY worth it!!! You can certainly taste the difference!

Nicole x

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