Day 121

Date Night Drinks

Date Night Drinks

Thursday night is day night and tonight we decided we would have dinner at home and then head out for a drink and dessert.

There is a new bar that opened its doors only a week or two ago in our area and so we decided to go check it out. It is very “sophisticated” and the décor is so quirky – I love it! As you can see in the photo, there is an upside down ladder covered in lights, it is such a centrepiece! They also have a giant Monopoly board table which has all the local street names on it and a vertical garden full of plants. Very cool!! It was so busy for a place that has only just opened, and  considering it is weeknight.

The drink I had was called a “French Virgin” and oh my was it delicious! It had cranberry, elderflower, passion fruit, pineapple and lime – yummmmm! 🙂

Unfortunately I didn’t get the “dessert” part of our date night. The new place only had truffles but I felt like having a “proper” dessert like brownie or crumble.. We decided we would go across the road to another bar that we know has yummy dessert, only to find out…. they no longer do desserts!! 😦 Bummer. I guess it was meant to be a no dessert night for me!

Anyway, so glad it is FINALLY Friday tomorrow. This week has taken forever, and it feels like it should have been Friday two days ago already!!! One more day to get through at this insanely, crazy, busy workplace and then it is weekend 🙂 Only a week and a half to go until I finish up before starting the new job 😀 Can’t wait!!

Nicole x

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