Day 128



The hubby got a new board game today from his dad for his birthday – it is called Zombicide. He has played it a few times and really enjoyed it, hence asking his dad to get it for his birthday. He tried explaining it to me, and it sounds pretty interesting! Will have to actually play it to get a better idea and see what it is really about. We are thinking of hosting a game night with friends, and then we can have a good go at it 🙂

I only did half a day at work today – yay for lieu days!!! 😀 It was SO nice leaving work when the sun was shining. I ran a few errands after work and then  had two of my special friends come over with their little ones. We had an enjoyable afternoon and it was really nice catching up with them 🙂 Hmmm I could easily get used to this part time working thing 😛

Nicole x

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