Day 132

4 Books and a Tablet

4 Books and a Tablet

Today was just a usual Monday. Still a mad house at work, but only a day and a half left until I finish eeeek!

This is what my bedside table looks like at the moment, 4 books and a tablet! I am still managing to do my daily Bible reading and work through my gramps’ daily reading. I love knowing that at some point he too was reading the words I am reading 🙂 Oh boy, do I miss that man!! My Bible is also a place where I keep all things that are very special and sentimental to me, and the other day I came across the 21st birthday card/ letter my gramps wrote to me. To say I was bawling is an understatement! I am so glad that I have something handwritten from him, it will always  be something very special to me 🙂

We finished up early with dinner etc, and hooped into a nice warm bed (thanks electric blanket!) and continued watching The Walking Dead. It has become very interesting and exciting again and we are  hooked! Only 1 more episode to go until the end of the season… then we have to wait several months before the next season is out.

Nicole x




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