Day 133

Meatballs & Veggies

Meatballs & Veggies

My little sister came around for dinner so I had to make sure she got her veggie fix!! 🙂 She is flatting at the moment, and so of course does not really get in much of the good stuff. So it was meatballs with gravy, roast potatoes, butternut, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots 🙂

We also had a mortgage broker come around to discuss mortgage options with us – exciting!!! It looks like we can get a pre-approved loan. So if we see anything in the next 6 months or so, we can put in an offer.  This all seems to be getting real now 🙂 We would love to own our own home! 🙂 I guess we’ll be scouting out a few more open homes in the next few months. At least we are in no rush, so we won’t go ahead with anything unless we find our dream home 🙂

Nicole x

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