Day 134

Farewell Card

Farewell Card

Well today was the day – my last day at work at the hospital! It all still feels pretty surreal and feels like I’m just going on holiday and that I’ll still be going back. I guess it will feel real once I start working at the new place. I am however looking forward to the new job and the new adventure 🙂

One thing I will miss is the people I work with. They are all pretty amazing and I have become close friends with a few of them. They gave me this beautiful card with lots of lovely messages inside, I also got two movie tickets for the “boutique cinema” we have down the road,  and also treat money for some wine and snacks at the movie 🙂 I wonder what we’ll be doing for date night 😉

We had a lovely farewell dinner  for myself and another colleague who has also resigned and is finishing up on Friday. It was a great turn out and overall an awesome night! 🙂 I am definitely  going to miss these people!

Nicole x


7 thoughts on “Day 134

  1. Wow, what a sad but exciting day all in one. Best of luck for your upcoming job! I can’t imagine how I will cope on my last day (whenever it arrives), I’ve been there 11 years so far. xxx

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