Day 136

Watching The Sea

Watching The Sea

The hubby and I both had the day off so we had a looooong sleep in! It was so nice! 🙂 It also turned out to be an absolute stunner of a day, as you can see in the photo. It really is hard to beat this city on a good day like this.

We headed to the city and got a packed lunch and enjoyed that overlooking the sea and watching the planes. We went for a bit of a walk and then popped in by the SPCA. Well we fell in love with these two charmers…





Oh man, we would love to have brought these two home with us!! One day once we get our own house 🙂 *sigh* we wish we could get these two!

I also met up with my aunty and cousin. We went to this gorgeous little place for tea and cupcakes! 🙂 It was lovely!

Nicole x


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