Day 140

Putting on Netball Shoes

Putting on Netball Shoes

My sister came around for dinner tonight before her netball game. It is always good to see her 🙂

Also feeling A LOT better now, especially after my first proper meal 🙂 Here’s to hoping we continue to be on the improve!

Another good day at work, saw my first two patients on my own. It was great! And I also made play-dough!!!! hehe 🙂

Nicole x


6 thoughts on “Day 140

  1. Yay for your new job! What is it that you do that you get to make play dough?
    I love making play dough for the kids at school; such a great sensory play and can be used for so many activities. I love to put scents inside, colouring and also small objects such as beads and coins for them to discover.

    • I am training to be a hand therapist (a speciality in physiotherapy). We use the play dough for strengthening and getting fingers moving 🙂 I also get to make thermoplastic splints and casts which is super fun! Oh how neat, that is such a cool idea to put scents in the play dough 🙂 What age group do you teach at school? x

      • Wow, that sounds great! The thermoplastic splints and casts sounds very intriguing!
        This year I don’t have a class (last year I had prep…which are 4-5 year olds). This year I am teaching EAL (English as an Additional Language) where I am teaching kids aged 4 to 10. x

      • They are SO fun to play around with and create! Aaaw cute, you get to have the real littlies 🙂 I love kiddies, so I am sure you have so much fun teaching them, so inquisitive with lots of questions! x

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