Day 145



Well the forecasted 140km/hr winds are here! The weather outside is crazy, and it is COLD. My hands and feet are like ice-blocks brrrr. Please come back summer!

We braved the winds and went to another open home… well we really liked it!! It is an auction, so whether or not it is in our price range we aren’t too sure. It was extremely spacious and the layout was perfect. The living area all gets sun.. and you know how much I love sun!

Tonight we are heading to an introductory evening for an Alpha Course that is being run at the local Baptist church. I have been wanting to do one for a while, so we shall see tonight if it is something I would like to do. The hubby is going to join me, so this should be interesting.. I just hope it isn’t too full on and that it doesn’t put him off **fingers crossed**.

Nicole x


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