Day 146

It's Cold

It’s Cold

It is FREEZING!!!! Our bedroom upstairs is so cold, so the heater and the electric blanket is on! I don’t mind if the room isn’t roasting hot, but I don’t like it when you can see your breath! It  is that real “crisp” cold.

So we went along to that Alpha introductory course last night and it turned out to be pretty good. We met a few new people, they served us a meal (dinner and dessert!) and they just went through what to expect if we decide to do the course. Well I am pleased to announce that the hubby said he will come along and do the course with me 🙂 If any of you have done the course, I would love to hear what you thought about it 🙂

Work was really busy today, I saw 8 patients on my own today and it was great! I am having such fun playing around with the thermoplastic and casting material, and creating all different kinds of splints. My job also involves a lot of “teaching” explaining injuries etc. to be patients, and I love that! I obviously get that from my dad who is a teacher 🙂

Nicole x


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