Day 147

The Pie of Love

The Pie of Love

One of my colleagues at work mentioned that she had made a pie for dinner and that it was delicious! She also heated some leftovers at lunch, and it sure smelled delicious. Her talking about it and then me smelling it, made me crave it all day! So… I decided to make a pie for dinner! I often make a “Chicken ala King” which is so tasty, so I pretty much made the same sauce I would for that, except I kept the sauce quite thick. I used this sauce and pastry (I bought from the supermarket) to create this “Pie of Love”. I named it that because I used the leftover pastry to make a “T ❤ N” on the top 🙂 Well it was a total hit! YUM YUM YUM! And because I made so much of it, it means we have some for lunch tomorrow as well, score!

We have started watching a new TV series called “Boardwalk Empire” and we are hooked! Every night we snuggle up in our warm bed (oh how I love electric blankets!) and watch an episode or two before bed. It is our new obsession at the moment 🙂

Nicole x


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