Day 148

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

I had no idea what to photograph today so I decided to take a photo of our “Lucky Bamboo”. We have 3 of these in our house. We only bought one when we first moved into our house as I loved the look of them, especially with all there twists and turns. We then also got one from my MIL and my sister, so that’s how we ended up with 3! I love how they don’t need much looking after, but give a bit of colour and life to the room 🙂

We are still braving the cold.. And busy trains.. Talking about trains, I have to share this – I still giggle inside every time I see all these hundreds of people “migrating” to one common spot – the train station! It makes me think of Zombies!!!! Everyone is on the same mission and rushing to get onto the train. It is such a foreign site never having worked in the city before.

On an exciting note, I treated my first profile rugby player at work today!! Like me, he is also from South Africa, and we did our whole treatment session in Afrikaans! It was awesome 🙂 All I had to do was make him a splint for when he playing his games, so if he is picked to play for his team this weekend, I am so watching it to see him wearing the splint I made haha!!

Nicole x

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