Day 149

Hot Shower

Hot Shower

Oh how I love hot showers, especially on a cold winter’s night! The hubby always thinks that I am absolutely nuts with regards to how hot I have my showers. But aaaah they are so nice! Definitely a trait I got from my grandfather as I believe he enjoyed his hot showers/ baths too! I am definitely his grandchild! 🙂

Tonight was date night – we went out for dinner at our favourite Indian restaurant. Dinner was so delicious tonight, every single bit of it. From our starter of samosas and some other vegetable dish, to our yummy Lamb Rogan Josh and our Mango Chicken curries for main, and not to forget the garlic naans! It was one of those evenings where every dish that came out was just perfect! The hubby and I were so stuffed by the end of it, but we kept going for more 😛 I love date nights! And I can see how they would be even more awesome once you have kids, because it would end up being such a nice time away from the littlies. Time for just the two of you! If you don’t yet do date night, I highly recommend it!!!

Nicole x



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