Day 151

Steamy Tea

Steamy Tea

Brrrrr it is COLD. Even though the sun is out, it does not seem to have made much of a difference temperature wise. I enjoyed this cup of hot tea sitting right in front of our window where the sunshine was flooding in 🙂

I did a spring clean in the bathroom today. Finally got round to giving it all a good clean, including washing the walls! Far out, can’t believe how dirty and dusty the walls were. It is unreal the amount of dust we get in this place. It must be because we are so close to the beach – even a little breeze our way means the sand comes along too! We also did a bit of shopping, and treated ourselves to a new mattress topper 🙂 keen to see if it makes much of a difference! It was an absolute bargain though. It was originally $259 and we got it for only $79!!

I was a bit adventurous in the kitchen tonight and got out my Donna Hay cookbook. I made us chickpea/ carrot/ feta cheese fritters with paprika & coriander chicken strips. It turned out really good and it was SO different to what we normally have. We both enjoyed it! After a good meal I couldn’t stop there.. Flipped through the dessert cookbook and decided to make bake chocolate custard… OMG it was soooo yummy! And it was so easy to make! I can definitely see this being a regular in our house. Especially since you can slightly change the ingredients and make about four or five different flavours.

Nicole x


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