Day 153

Brownie Delight

Brownie Delight

Today was a public holiday here. Unfortunately it is our last one until October… *sigh* that seems so far away!!

Anyways, we had a good day 🙂 We headed over to my FIL’s place (again! we seem to be visiting quite often lately!). We had a delicious roast lamb and pork (spoilt I know!) with an array of veggies 🙂 After a delicious lunch they took us out to their local pub for a drink and dessert. I had a hot chocolate and of course that delicious chocolate brownie! It was DELISH! 🙂 It was nice to catch up with the family and have a play with their gorgeous 3 “pups” – well technically only one of them is still a pup, but we call them all the “pups”. I had the little miniature jack Russell fall asleep on my lap, she is so cute. I can’t wait until we have our own house and then we can also get our own pets 🙂

Nicole x


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