Day 157

Special Gramps

Special Gramps

The evening’s activities ended up being quite spontaneous! We had an after work drink with one of my hubby’s work colleagues and while we were there my sister texted me and invited us over for dinner. So we caught the train back to where the car was parked and then drove the rest of the way up  to my sister. We had a lovely evening with her and her partner – she made us homemade burgers and they were yum! 🙂

It is about half an hour’s drive from my sister’s place back to our house. Driving in the night, seeing all the “fairy” lights in the distance, and seeing all the stars – made me think of my dearest Gramps. He passed away in October last year, but there is not a day that I don’t think about him. I was just sitting there in the car on the drive home thinking about how long it had been since I last spoke to him, and how I wish he was still here with us. One thing that brings me great comfort is reading the handwritten card he sent me for my 21st Birthday. All our birthday cards over the years have always been written by my gran – so I requested something handwritten from Gramps and he decided to save it for my 21st! 🙂 He’ll always be one of my heroes, and a man that will always have a very special place in my heart. I love you my gramps, always have and always will 🙂 xxx

Nicole x


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