Day 158

Zulu Shield

Zulu Shield

Wow what a busy day! Spent the morning doing the usual Saturday chores – cleaning up and doing washing. We then headed over to our friends to have a look at the new house they recently bought, and just moved into last week. They have an awesome place, and I am sure they will be very happy living there 🙂 I am so pleased for them that everything worked out 🙂 I know it was a pretty stressful time with lots of uncertainty as they needed quite a few builders reports etc as the previous owner had done a lot of renovations without getting consent.

We also went to look at the house we are interested in buying, with a friend of ours who is a builder. We spent over an hour at the house with him checking out everything – he was on top of the roof, in the ceiling and under the floor! According to him, the house is in good condition, yay! 🙂 It appears that all the plumbing and wiring has been re-done, the house has insulation under the floor and in the ceiling, it has a DVS ventilation system and overall everything seems good!! 🙂 So know the hubby and I just need to have a chat and a think, and decide on our next step. Eeek exciting and scary all at the same time!

My sister and her partner came to us after we looked at the house. We had a yummy meal and dessert and watched the rugby. The boys had one glass of wine too many and they sure had my sister and I in laughing fits! At least we had free entertainment 😛

Nicole x


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